Early Postnatal Support Package

Cost: $400 (P2B families from antenatal classes).

New families $500.

P2B postnatal support includes 5 hours in home (can be split to meet parents needs ie: 5 x 1 hour , 2 x 2.5 hours, 2 x 2 hour + 1 hour etc) visits post hospital discharge.  These visits need to can be utilized within the first 10 weeks’ post birth.

Topics covered during the visits include: Weight, Common misconceptions and myths of parenting, Normal infant behaviour & understanding and recognizing your baby’s needs, how to avoid sleeping problems & the crying and unsettled baby, practical wrapping/swaddling and settling techniques, feeding & newborn baby care and establishing a routine.

Online support (fair play policy applies) is included with this package. It is recommended the first visit is a 2hour visit (using 2 of the 5 visits) to establish a rapport.

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